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Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in the jewelry that I have designed and made.  I thought you might be interested in my background, training, experience, and how I began making jewelry.


My mother attended art school, was a professional textile designer, and served as a graphic artist in the U.S. Army.  She became a renowned craftsperson, working with many forms of media and winning prizes for the quilts that she designed and made herself.  From the time I was a small child, my mother trained me in the use of color and instilled in me an awareness of the importance of balance within an art form.


I have always loved to express myself through various forms of art.  As a child, I would sit on the floor, drawing and painting for hours at a time.  My mother taught me how to sew, and by the age of eight I was making doll clothes on the sewing machine, which later evolved into making my own clothes.  I took art classes in school, where I Iearned more about the color wheel and developed a fascination for experimenting with different color combinations in my various school projects.


In high school, I decided that a career in fine art would not be lucrative enough, so instead began to concentrate on mathematics.  However, I did take Mechanical Drawing (in a classroom full of boys).  My first full-time employment, in the days before personal computers, was as a Data Reductionist.  I worked for a government contractor in the field of atmospheric physics, transforming analog data into digital form.  Later I had an opportunity to enter the field of graphic arts by becoming employed by the Federal Reserve Board as a graphic illustrator.  There I hand-plotted economic data into hand-drawn charts and graphs that were published and used for far-reaching economic decisions by the Board and other financial institutions.   Several years later I worked for a graphics design firm that contracted with federal government agencies such as NIH, where I hand-plotted medical and scientific data into charts for publication.

With the advent of personal computers, I immediately took great interest in learning how to use the available software and soon developed skills in word processing and desktop publishing.  This result was that, during the early 1980s, my career took a turn into the secretarial field because there was a great need at that time for secretaries who knew how to use a computer.  My interest in graphics continued, however, eventually evolving into the application of my knowledge of color toward the development of computer graphics and web pages.

As you can see, it is the sum total of my early childhood training, my work with color within various art forms, plus my graphic arts experience, that I bring to the world of beaded jewelry.

How I Began Making Jewelry

I have been employed in various types of offices during my adult life.  In choosing my wardrobes all these years, I have experienced deep frustration in finding the right jewelry to match the colors of my clothing.  I love necklaces and earrings, but like them to match each other and also to match the colors that I am wearing.

Several years ago my friend and I were on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina, where I was desperately shopping for a necklace and earring set to match a pair of light bluish green pair of summer pants.  However, all the shopping was to no avail because I just could not find any jewelry to match that color.  Just in the nick of time, my friend stumbled upon a bead store and coaxed me into it.  In that store I found beads of the exact color I had been searching for!  The beads were Amazonite, and I had a necklace and pair of earrings custom made for me overnight.

From that time on, I realized that in order to get the colors I wanted, I would have to make my own jewelry.  I began practicing different beading techniques and would wear my creations to the office, receiving numerous compliments from my co-workers.  After I was satisfied with the quality and durability of my own jewelry, I began designing and making it to offer for sale.  My necklace and earring sets are well received at local craft shows and by the general public.

I always put an immense degree of care into making each piece of jewelry, ensuring that its design is symmetrical and harmonious by shape, placement, color, and texture.  My years of experience as a professional graphic illustrator, plotting precise economic and scientific data on graphs for publication, have trained me to be visually discerning and exacting.  I painstakingly choose each bead to ensure that it will balance and complement the other beads and enhance the overall design of the piece.

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